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New Issue - Fractures

Updated: May 30, 2020

Our newest issue ‘Fractures’ is out now!

This issue of Politik brings together eight incredible student authors from across four different UNSW faculties. The articles cover a wide range of topics, including media manipulation of Kashmir, empowerment of the EU post-Brexit, gender-based violence in refugee law, the democratic challenge in the 2020 US Presidential race, the paradox of fairtrade coffee, challenges for the fourth estate, technodemocracy, and African-America representation in Hollywood.

Fractures is available for viewing on our brand new website, here - welcome!

With a sensational calendar of exciting events and initiatives coming up, we envision the website being a space to keep our community connected and informed with our developments. The extensive archive of Past Issues is available to read right now. To further our engagement with our readers and contributors, we will soon be launching a new initiative, Insights, to provide a spotlight for student voices on the international affairs that they are passionate about.

Currently, we are witnessing how the academic community can shape the public and government’s response to global crises. It is a timely reminder of how our voices can affect real change in the world around us. Start thinking about how you can raise your voice and become a contributor to Politik.

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