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About Us

Politik is an annual student publication and blog from the University of New South Wales offering comment, research and analysis on international affairs.
Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to publish researched pieces on international issues in which they are interested, and develop their writing skills and research interests. Politik aims to draw together students and academics of various disciplines, from Arts and Law to Science, Engineering, Medicine and Economics, to paint a truly extensive picture of the world as it is.

Our Community

Executive Editors

Kate Mesaglio

Sanjay Balakumar

Simran Borges
Alexandra Desailly

Anja Flamer-Caldera

Anna Voigt

Esther He

Freya Cormack

Izabella Brzozowska

Niduni Jayasinghe

Samantha Jeffery

Tom Newby

Issue Design and Layout

Hwei Jin Ho

Advisors and Supporters

Ashleigh Hamilton

School Manager, School of Social Sciences UNSW

Supported by the School of Social Sciences UNSW

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